Sunday, 8 January 2012

Serbian/Christmas Birthday Cake

Georgina and Nicki attended Colette's Christmas Cake decorating class at SCOLA from October - December 2011. As a result of this, their friend asked them to create a birthday cake for someone who celebrated their birthday on Christmas Day! The brief that was provided was that it has to include the colour pink (their favourite colour), something to do with Christmas and it needed to have a Serbian theme as the birthday girl was originally from Serbia! The result is this cake:

The models are made from fondant icing and decorated with royal icing and the flag is made from fondant and then painted with shimmers. Royal icing was used for the added detail on the flag.

 Georgina and Nicki used fondant icing to cover the cake and they crimped the edges as they did in their classes. They piped a shell border across the bottom and also covered the drum in fondant icing too.

To get an idea of what Serbian dress looked like they googled an image to work with:

The trickiest parts they discovered were that the fondant model slunk a little as it dried and made the Serbian lady look butch! The Christmas tree was also difficult to get even and thus looked a little wonky, it lost a few branches as it dried too!  The cake was made from sponge and was different to work with than the fruit cake they used in class, but all the same the receipient was thrilled with the result!

They even found out that in Serbia its traditional to cut kiss a Christmas tree before you cut it down! Random!

Thanks to Georgina and Nicki for sharing their cake.

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